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AT Consulting & Associates (Jamaica) will help you manage your staff, bring awareness to and help you comply with the various regulations and best of all, help you create a work environment that attracts and retains high performing staff. We provide our clients with sound advice and assist them in implementing the most effective best-fit practices that will allow for the sustainability of their business.

Compensation Benchmarking, Structures & Analysis

Ashthom conducts Compensation and Benefits Surveys so that organisations can be provided with a clearer picture of where the organisation is positioned in the particular industry segment and the wider market.

Pay structures can also be created for your company as well as a general analysis of the effectiveness of your Compensation and Benefits offerings to highlight areas for improvement.

Collective Bargaining & Contract Administration

We advise, negotiate (win/win collective bargaining) and mediate labour disputes across the Caribbean.

We assist organisations to develop disciplinary and procedural fairness as part of our commitment to help foster harmonious workplace relations.

We provide psychological counselling (for managers and staff) especially in times of crisis or major organisational changes.

Recruitment and Selection

Ashthom Consulting, like most other businesses, is cognizant that retaining productive and efficient employees is more cost-efficient than hiring new ones.

Ashthom focuses on companies' reasons for hiring and guides them to apply effective recruitment strategies, which must be supported by an ongoing plan to develop and retain the best employees.

We develop customised, cost-effective recruitment processes to select the persons with the right skills, passion and dedication, and the ability to grow with the organisation.

Customised Employee Handbooks/HR Policy Procedure Manual

The Employee Handbooks will capture the company’s rules, goals, and expectations while clarifying employees’ expectations. Disciplinary Procedures and other common arrangements peculiar to the organisation are clearly set out in a comprehensive manner.

Executive Coaching

Ashthom will act as an independent interface for managers and supervisors who are often faced with the pressure of satisfying the needs of both lower-level employees and top management.

By providing coaching and mentoring services to all levels of management, they will gain new insights, skills, and techniques as to how to effectively perform in their specific roles.

Organisational and HR Audit

We specialise in assessing and advising on companies' administrative and operational processes, systems and structures that require management strengthening and alignment with their goals and objectives.

Our solution-based approach focuses on business sustainability irrespective of the economic cycle.

Job Analysis and Job Evaluation

We help organisations develop a system of job analysis and evaluate jobs to allow for fair, equitable and competitive compensation and benefits for their staff and to manage the system to ensure it is current and reflective of the relative job worth through internal and external market analysis.

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