Since 2013, the services provided by Ashthom Consulting Inc., headed by Dr. Ashwell Thomas, have been a foundational pillar of Oran Ltd.’s human resource capacity. In that time, we have used their services to meet a number of our human resource and industrial relations needs, including: senior corporate recruitment, employee engagement surveys, managerial training programs, employment law advice, mediation, and labour negotiation representation.

In each of these specialties, Dr. Thomas’ unique approach to emphasizing collaboration and partnership between management and labour is evident, leading both parties to mutually beneficial outcomes.

As a partner, we have always felt that Ashthom Consulting is invested in the success of our business and the development of our employees. Each and every time we reach out to Ashthom Consulting, we are confident that we are receiving and acting on sound advice backed up by years of experience and knowledge.

Their emphasis on reliable data collection, principle-based positions, and employee engagement has been integral in creating tangible outcomes across the organization through a carefully crafted corporate policies and a focused human resource strategy.

We wish their team congratulations on 10 successful years, and continued success into their next decade and beyond.

Operations Manager,

Oran Ltd.